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The body of this soft and fuzzy plush dog toy is designed to help comfort your dog. The body has a durable velcro opening, allowing it to be filled with items of clothing with your scent on them, to help your pooch feel safe and secure. It is machine washable and squeaks to entice play in all four paws as well as the head.

Small - approximately 29cm
Medium - approximately 40cm
Large - approximately 55cm

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Great toys my puppy loves them


My 2 year old golden retriever loves his snuggle puppy toy. Each of us has put an item in the dog fill me and everyday our pup cuddles with it. It’s great that he can keep our scent close by while home alone.
The dog fill me has also held up to a few games of tug-o-war so it’s sturdy but soft, which is ideal.

His favourite cuddle and kiss buddy

Our puppy used to bark in his crate at bed time when he first came, so we bought this toy hoping that it would help feel secure. My partner and I each wore the shirt for a couple of nights and stuffed it into the toy. He no longer barks in the crate at night!. Moreover, It is his absolute fav cuddle buddy and he brings it out of the crate with him every morning. He also loves biting it’s face and cheeks, but so far his soft face is intact (apart from his ears, because our dog loves removing his stuffed animals ears as a “love bite). Sorry for the blurry picture, this was taken briefly at night to show his papa how Braxton reacted to being reunited with the stuffed toy after we washed it and had worn each of our shirt stuffing. Our dog was immediately back to their usual lovely hugs and kisses.

Dog fill me

I thought it would have been bigger consider it says Xlarge as our pups are Great Dane X , Other than that they are cute and adorable


Lovely and soft. He loved it

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