Tough Rope Core Cow

$19.00 $13.30
This plush toy looks soft on the outside, but inside is a tough rope designed to be chewed. Less stuffing creates less mess, making this toy great for dogs who need something a little tougher but love the soft plush feel in their mouths. This all-rounder toy also contains a squeaker to get your dog in the mood for play!

- TOUGH CORE: The tough rope core will satisfy chewing needs, while still being soft on teeth and gums.
- ALLEVIATES ANXIETY: A beloved toy can become a source of comfort for a dog, just as it can for a child. Soft toys can be a great option as they hold scents, which can aid in separation anxiety if you are away.
- LESS STUFFING = LESS MESS: This toy is ready to be chewed, but won’t create the mess that other stuffed toys do!

Note: No toy is indestructible. Your puppy should always be supervised when playing with toys. Damaged toys should be removed and discarded.

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