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Shark Skin

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Shark Skin treats are natural, delicious, and healthy dog treats.

These are tough and chewy to keep your dog entertained. Chewing helps remove tartar from your dog's teeth and helps maintain healthy gums.

Shark Skin is rich in nutrients like protein and omega 3. It's good for your dog's joints, skin, and muscle development.

Made in Australia from 100% sustainably caught Australian Gummy Sharks, which are highly common sharks in Australia. Sharks used are caught using sustainable practices in accordance with Australian Fisheries Regulations.

Like all Waggly Snacks, these treats are:

- Single-ingredient
- Made with no additives, preservatives or chemicals
- Grain-free and sugar-free

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lab pup loves them

Our 18wk old lab loves these. She isn't the most crazy of chewers so these keep her occupied for a good while. The smell is strong but not much more than most natural treats. Would definitely buy these again!

Great lasting chew

Great chew for my boys. My labX who is an extreme chewer (like, destroy a bully stick in a few minutes type a guy) takes, a few minutes to eat these.
My pup chews on one for hours. They have a bit of a smell if you are up close and it's being actively chewed on, but I didn't notice any smell when the pup stashed one inside his bed for a week..... so no issues with smell if using inside.

nice and clean chewing option for inside or out! perfect

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