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Pork Puff Cubes are a great quick snack dog treat.

They are puffed with air which means they won’t be so rich on the stomach. In addition, they are lower in fat than chunkier liver treats.

Great for use as a quick crunchy snack or for training.

Whilst Puff cubes are light, they are hard and can’t be easily broken up into smaller pieces. Therefore they are generally given as a treat whole.

Customer Reviews

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Gets tails wagging

My dog absolutely loves these. They’re a great size to chew on as a treat, and are easy to pull apart to use as training treats.

Great Snacks and Training Treats

These are the only treats that keep my puppy interested in training. They break easily into smaller pieces and remain dry in the training pouch. They're also a great snack to keep hunger at bay between meals and as a final treat to take to bed at the end of the day.

One of my pup's favourite's

Ny pup loves the pork cubes and so do I. They are pretty easy to break up into smaller treats since they are not as hard as the kangaroo puff cubes but they can also be given whole. I love to keep a hand full in my pocket while I'm feeding my rabbits and toss them to her. Each cube keeps her busy for a little while.

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