New Treats Sampler Bundle

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Waggly Snacks

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Have you been wanting to refresh your dog's treats and snacks rotation but don't know which to pick?
Save 20% when you shop these new treats in a bundle!

Chicken Heart (100g)
• source of vitamins and minerals
• very high in Vitamin A, zinc and iron
• bite-sized crunchy training treats

Goat Heart (100g)
• rich in natural vitamins and minerals
• for quick snacks or use for training
• crunchy and easy to break apart

Chicken Feet (4-Pack)
• crunchy & delicious natural treat
• high in protein and chondroitin
• maintains dogs' joint health

Shark Skin (100g)
• long-lasting and tough chew treat
• maintains your dog's dental health
• rich in protein and omega-3

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