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Engage your dog in all-day fun with the KONG Wubba Comet Dog Toy!

Your dog will “wub” the Wubba Comet from KONG! This entertaining, multi-featured dog toy boasts a jellyfish-like design with a squeaky, rounded top that your pet will love to chew on. Wrapped in a durable, textured outer shell, the top makes chewing more satisfying for your pet and helps the Wubba Comet last longer. With floppy strands on the end that your dog can tug on, you can enjoy a variety of activities, from tossing to tugging, with a single dog toy.


  • Multi-use and multi-textured dog toy to give your pet plenty of entertainment
  • Round top that’s fun to chew and contains a squeaker to keep your dog interested
  • Features a durable, yet flexible, protective outer shell designed with ridges for long-lasting use and a satisfying chew toy for your canine
  • Strong and floppy end strands for tugging play
  • Great to use as a toss toy when outdoors

Sizes Available:
Small (Magenta) - Approx. 56mm x 56mm x 224mm

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