ID Ball Power Chewer Box

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Waggly Club Box

Waggly Club

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The ID Ball is a super tough, natural latex ball with a small hole in it for high-value treats. This toy is amongst the toughest toys and is perfect for those dogs that can typically destroy any toy.

The central cavity can be stuffed with treats or mince. You can even freeze treats inside.

This toy is a fun, durable enrichment and fetch toy! Throw it, roll it and fill it!

Key features:
  • Designed for tough chewing
  • Fill with treats for enrichment!
  • 100% natural proprietary latex
  • Biodegradable, sustainable, natural and non-toxic

Box includes:
1x Industrial Dog Ball
1x Kangaroo Jerky (100g)
1x Beef Ears 4-Pack
1x Waggly Hoof

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