Compostable Dog Poop Bags

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Oh Crap

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Oh Crap's Dog Poop Bags are non-plastic and made from cornstarch. It disintegrates in landfills within 3 months - not decades.

These dog poop bags are 100% compostable - many times better than biodegradable. Using Oh Crap's Dog Poop bags is the safest and the most responsible way to dispose of pet waste.

They are also easy to dispose and are 100% eco-friendly. Just bag it and bin it.

Know that the breakdown of the bag will be very fast once it’s been picked up by your collector and therefore allowing the bag and poop to break down quickly when buried.

Non-plastic, made from cornstarch
100% compostable, safest, most responsible way to dispose pet waste
100% eco-friendly, bag it and bin it

One (1 roll) = 20 poop bags

Single - 1 roll
3-Pack - 3 rolls, enough for a month's supply (based on 2 poops a day)
9-Pack - 9 rolls, three (3) months' supply

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