Crazy Bounce Power Chewer Box

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Waggly Club Box

Waggly Club

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The Crazy Bounce is an eccentric, unpredictable bounce and retrieving toy that is both fun for your dog and you! It bounces crazily, never boring your dog.

It's made from Puppyprene 2.0, an all-natural proprietary rubber compound that provides durability without sacrificing chewiness. While no dog toy is indestructible, the Crazy Bounce's solid rubber construction holds up to the strongest chompers.
This toy is fun, tough and near indestructible! Throw it, roll it and bounce it.

Key features:
  • Designed for tough chewing
  • an all-natural proprietary rubber compound
  • Biodegradable, sustainable, natural and non-toxic

Box includes:
1x Crazy Bounce
1x Beef Liver (100g)
1x Beef Ears 4-Pack
1x Pork Puppy Clod Bone

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