Chicken Feet

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Chicken Feet are crunchy, delicious, and natural dog treat.

Chicken Feet are both high in protein and chondroitin it’s the perfect treat to help inflammation of joints for older dogs.

It's an entertaining chew treat for small to medium dogs and the perfect reward treat for larger dogs.

These treats are dehydrated, air-dried treats that are easily crushed, will not cause any harm, and are completely digestible.

Sizes can vary depending on the size, age and breed of the chicken. The length of each is between 12-16cm long and 3-4cm wide and weighs between 18-28g.

Made in Australia from 100% Australian chicken feet. Like all Waggly Snacks, these treats are:

- Single-ingredient
- Made with no additives, preservatives or chemicals
- Grain-free and sugar-free

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