Biosafe Puppy Bone

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Dog Toy


The Rosewood BioSafe Puppy bone is a new kind of dog toy that combines dental care with fun for your beloved canine.

Perfect for puppies that have started teething. Just like babies teething can be an uncomfortable experience for puppies and can result in them being a bit nippy. However, with this bone it helps to satisfy chewing and gnawing urges and can relieve some of their discomfort.

The bone is BioCote protected which prevents the growth and survival of bacteria, fungi and mould, meaning improved hygiene plus reductions in staining, odours and premature degradation of materials. This makes a toy which is hygienic, has an extended lifetime, and helps your dog s mouth by massaging gums while reducing plaque and tartar build up.

The benefits of this product aren t all hygiene related! The BioSafe Puppy Bone is constructed of tough yet soft plastic, has a lovely mint scent and can float! This Puppy Bone is perfect for puppies and even small dogs as your dog can have fun chewing while receiving health and hygiene benefits.

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