Asteroid Power Chewer Box

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Waggly Club Box

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Only something from outta space can live up to power chewers. The Asteroid is our second most popular Power Chewer toy and is as tough as they come!

It's a solid toy with no hollow parts, and is designed for power chewers & fetch!
Biodegradable, sustainable and non-toxic natural material.
Designed to be tantalising and fun, keeping your dog entertained and active .
The ultra-tough natural rubber compound, paired with natural additives to maximise durability, flexibility, and chewability.

Key features:
  • Designed for tough chewing
  • 100% natural proprietary latex
  • Biodegradable, sustainable, natural & non-toxic

Box includes:
1x Asteroid
1x Beef Puff Cubes (65g)
1x Beef Ears 4-Pack
1x Kangaroo Clod Bone

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