Advocate Extra Small (0-4kg) - Single Dose

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Advocate Green treatment is so sensitive it can be used on small dogs (under 4kg) and puppies. It effectively protects your dog from parasites of all life stages. The all-in-one treatment has been designed to protect your dog from gastrointestinal worms, heartworm, lungworm, mites, lice, and fleas.

A single dose can get rid of an ear mite infection and the formula can treat Demodex and Sarcoptic Mange.

An effective way to kill fleas, worms, mites and lice
  • The spot-on applicator is easy to apply to the back of your dog's neck.
  • Kills 100% of gastrointestinal worms. These worms have the ability to spread to humans.
  • Kills fleas on contact (no bites necessary) which reduces itchiness and Flea Allergy Dermatitis.
  • An active ingredient that shields against heartworm when applied to your dog every month.
  • Waterproof so that it resists rain and soap-free rinsing.

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