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These might be our most popular treat. Ever.

Aside from lots of protein, bully sticks also contain vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and calcium, making them great for muscle and bone health.

Dogs need to chew the sticks, which also makes them great for cleaning teeth and keeping dogs occupied for longer. These are suitable for dogs of all sizes, although for smaller dogs you'll tend to get more mileage out of each stick.

These are all-natural treats so please keep in mind that stick sizes can vary. Each 100-gram bag typically contains 6 - 8 sticks. Bully Sticks come from beef pizzle (yes, you read that right) so the smell can be a little overwhelming.

Like all Waggly Snacks, these treats are:
  • Single-ingredient
  • Made with no additives, preservatives, or chemicals
  • Grain-free and sugar-free
Sourced from 100% Aussie Beef and air-dried raw in Australia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
The best bullies on the market.

Our dogs love these and sit to attention every time we bring out the bag for treat time! A great treat to keep your dog occupied.

Best chews

Not super long lasting, but they do about as well as other brands. Definitely love being able to buy in bulk! That's a huge help as these are one of my go to treats to help dogs settle.

Most loved treat

My 2 year old Shoodle absolutely loves his bully sticks. They last about 15 - 20 min, keeps him entertained. Highly recommend for any fur baby that enjoys chewing.

Happy dog

Our 6 m.o Lab loves these however they are probably right on the edge of being a good long lasting treat as these are a bit small to put up much of a fight. I usually get about 10mins of diatraction time when I give her one of these. She does love them and goes into instant drool mode when I pull them out. A larger version would be great.

Best Chew Treat

These are great for my shepherd who is a power chewer. A great little distraction treat for him while I need to do some things without him around!

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